White-tailed deer


Award Winners and Career Achievements

southeast deer study group deer management career achievement award

The Deer Management Career Achievement Award was established in 1995 to recognize outstanding contributions to the understanding of white-tailed deer ecology and management in the southeastern United States. The award may recognize a single achievement or contributions over an extended period of time. The award will be given no more than once annually and will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southeast Deer Study Group. The award is to be given for activities conducted within the member states of the SE Section of The Wildlife Society and the states of Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, Texas, and West Virginia.

  • 2014–Mark O. Bara
  • 2012–Robert E. Zaiglin
  • 2011–Quality Deer Management Association
  • 2010–Bob K Carroll
  • 2009–David E. Samuel
  • 2007–Jack Gwynn
  • 2006–William E. "Bill" Armstong
  • 2005–Kent E. Kammermeyer
  • 2004–Charles A. DeYoung
  • 2002–Robert L. Downing
  • 2000–Joe Hamilton
  • 1999–David C. Guynn, Jr.
  • 1998–Harry Jacobson
  • 1997–Larry Marchinton
  • 1996–Richard F. Harlow

outstanding student oral presentation award

  • 2014–Bradley Cohen  (University of Georgia)
  • 2013–Michael Cherry  (University of Georgia)
  • 2012–Brad Cohen  (University of Georgia)
  • 2011–Kamen Campbell  (Mississippi State University)
  • 2010–Jeremy Flinn  (Mississippi State University)
  • 2009–Michelle Rosen  (University of Tennessee)
  • 2008–Cory Van Gilder  (University of Georgia)
  • 2007–Sharon Valitzski  (University of Georgia)
  • 2006–Gino J. D'Angelo  (University of Georgia)
  • 2005–Eric Long  (Pennsylvania State University)
  • 2004–Randy W. DeYoung  (Mississippi State University)
  • 2003–Bronson K. Strickland  (Mississippi State University)
  • 2002–Randy W. DeYoung  (Mississippi State University)
  • 2001–Roel R. Lopez  (Texas A&M University)
  • 2000–Karen Dasher  (University of Georgia)
  • 1999–Roel R. Lopez  (Texas A&M University)
  • 1998–Karen Dasher  (University of Georgia)
  • 1997–Jennifer A. Schwratz  (University of Georgia)
  • 1996–Billy C. Lambert, Jr.  (Texas Tech University)

outstanding student poster award

  • 2014–Blaise Korzekwa  (Texas A&M University)
  • 2013–Jacob Haus  (University of Delaware)
  • 2012–Brandi L. Crider  (Texas A&M-Kingsville)
  • 2011–Melissa Miller  (University of Delaware)
  • 2010–Emily Flinn  (Mississippi State University)

retirement certificatess

The Southeast Deer Study Group and Southeast Deer Committee began in 2009 to recognize retiring deer biologists and managers for their contributions to research and management of white-tailed deer.

  • 2012–Tim Breault   (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission)
  • 2012–Chuck McKelvy   (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission)
  • 2012–James C. Davis   (Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries)
  • 2012–James C. Davis   (LDWF)
  • 2011–Joffrey Brooks   (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Division of Wildlife Management)
  • 2011–Roy Swartz   (Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries)
  • 2011–Larry Savage   (Comanche Trail)
  • 2011–Jimmy Rutledge   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2011–Roy Swartz   (VA Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries)
  • 2011–Harlan Hall   (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Division of Wildlife Management)
  • 2011–Ray W. Knotts   (WV Division of Natural Resources)
  • 2011–Donald Hayes  
  • 2011–Jack Mason  
  • 2011–Larry Savage   (Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries)
  • 2011–Jimmy Rutledge   (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)
  • 2011–Bob Turney   (VA Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries and VA Dept of Forestry)
  • 2010–Bob K. Carroll   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–Max Traweek   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–Donnie E. Harmel   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–William E. "Bill"Armstrong   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–Eugene R. "Gene" Fuchs   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–Robert L. "Bob" Cook   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–E. L. "Butch" Young   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–Don Frels   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–Gary Spencer   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2010–Dave Guynn   (MSU and Clemson)
  • 2010–William Fielding Harwell   (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept)
  • 2009–James E. Evans   (West Virginia Division of Natural Resources)
  • 2009–Gary Spiers   (VA Game and Inland Fisheries)
  • 2009–Dave Moreland   (LA Wildlife and Fisheries)
  • 2009–L Doug Hotton   (Maryland DNR)
  • 2009–Mark Bara   (SC Wildlife Resources)
  • 2009–Michael E. Cartwright   (Arkansas Game and Fish)
  • 2009–Richard L. Hall   (West Virginia Division of Natural Resources)
  • 2009–Scott Osborne   (USFWS and North Carolina WRC)
  • 2009–William J. "Bill" Hamrick   (AL and MS Dept of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks)

Upcoming Meetings

41st Annual Meeting of the Southeast Deer Study Group
February 19 – February 21, 2018
Millenium Maxwell House Hotel
Nashville, TN