• 41st Annual Meeting
    Stakeholder-focused, Science-based, and Data-driven: The Gold Standard for the State Deer Management System?
    Nashville, TN
    February 19-21, 2018
  • 40th Annual Meeting
    Disease: Science, Politics, Management
    St. Louis, Missouri
    February 27-March 1, 2017
  • 39th Annual Meeting
    The Challenges of Meeting Hunter Expectations
    Charlotte/Concord, NC
    February 15-17, 2016
  • 38th Annual Meeting
    Integrating the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation into Deer Management
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    February 23-25, 2015
  • 37th Annual Meeting
    The Politics of Deer Management-Balancing Public Interest and Science
    Athens, Georgia
    February 16-18, 2014
  • 36th Annual Meeting
    Challenges in Deer Research and Management in 2013
    Greenville, South Carolina
    February 24-26, 2013
  • 35th Annual Meeting
    Shifting Paradigms: Are Predators Changing the Dynamics of Managing Deer in the Southeast?
    Sandestin, Florida
    February 26-28, 2012
  • 34th Annual Meeting
    All Dressed Up With No Place to Go: The Issue of Access
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    February 20-22, 2011
  • 33rd Annual Meeting
    QDM to IDM: The Next Step or the Last Straw
    San Antonio, Texas
    February 28-March 2, 2010
  • 32nd Annual Meeting
    Herds without Hunters: The Future of Deer Management?
    Roanoke, Virginia
    February 22-24, 2009
  • 31st Annual Meeting
    Recruitment of Deer Biologists and Hunters: Are Hook and Bullet Professionals Vanishing?
    Tunica, Mississippi
    February 17-19, 2008
  • 30th Annual Meeting
    Deer and Their Influence On Ecosystems
    Ocean City, Maryland
    February 25-27, 2007
  • 29th Annual Meeting
    Managing Habitats, Herds, Harvest, and Hunters in the 2lst Century Landscape. Will 20th Century Tools Work?
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    February 26-28, 2006
  • 28th Annual Meeting
    The Impact of Today's Choices on Tomorrow's Hunters
    Shepherdstown, West Virginia
    February 21–23, 2005
  • 27th Annual Meeting
    Today's Hunting Culture: Asset or Liability?
    Lexington, Kentucky
    February 22-24, 2004
  • 26th Annual Meeting
    Into the Future of Deer Management: Where Are We Heading
    Chattanooga, Tennessee
    February 23-26, 2003
  • 25th Annual Meeting
    Modern Deer Management–Balancing Biology, Politics, and Tradition
    Mobile, Alabama
    February 17-20, 2002
  • 24th Annual Meeting
    From Lewis & Clark to the New Millennium—The Changing Face of Deer Management
    St. Louis, Missouri
    February 18-21, 2001
  • 23rd Annual Meeting
    Managing Deer in Tomorrow's Forests: Reality vs. Illusion
    Wilmington, North Carolina
    February 13-16, 2000
  • 22nd Annual Meeting
    QDM—What, How, Why and Where?
    Fayetteville, Arkansas
    February 14-17, 1999
  • 21st Annual Meeting
    Factors Affecting the Future of Deer Hunting
    Jekyll Island, Georgia
    February 8-11, 1998
  • 20th Annual Meeting
    Obstacles to Sound Deer Management
    Charleston, SC
    February 9-12, 1997
  • 19th Annual Meeting
    Deer Management Philosophies: Bridging the Gap Between the Public and Biologists
    Orlando, Florida
    February 25-28,1996

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